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Home and Business owners, we'll show you what are common heating and cooling mistakes to avoid... it will save you years of cost!

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Each of our technicians mus pass an annual background check and frequently drug tested. We hold our staff to the highest levels of responsibility and strive to be the best in our community.


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Proper installation and choice of size accounts for 75% of a heater or air conditioner’s operating efficiency and performance.

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Our services have set prices that depend on the job, not the time we invest into it. As soon as your air conditioning system is diagnosed, you will be informed on the rate it will cost for the repair.


Infinity Heating and Cooling,
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We know that the summer sun in Southern Nevada can be brutal. When temperatures reach the triple digits, you want to have an air conditioning unit that won’t quit. This is why our technicians are dedicated to helping homes and offices through the Greater Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas.