The Possibilities Are Endless

Whether you’re building a new HVAC system or considering an upgrade, finding the right equipment is key. In the unique climate of Las Vegas, dual fuel systems offer an impressive fusion of efficiency and all-in-one comfort.

The Flexible Comfort of Dual Fuel Systems

Sin City may be famous for scorching heat, but residents know the local climate is far more complex. Even on warm days, nighttime in the desert can be surprisingly cold. This kind of weather whiplash can make effective climate control rather challenging. Fortunately, dual fuel systems employ advanced HVAC equipment to provide consistent comfort no matter the conditions.

The heart of any dual fuel system is an ultra-versatile heat pump. Heat pumps excel at moving heat energy from one space to another, making them very effective at both heating and cooling. However, heat pumps can only provide warmth when there’s sufficient heat energy in the air. To solve this problem, dual fuel systems also incorporate a traditional gas-burning furnace that automatically fires up when needed. That means you get the best of both worlds, ensuring you’ll stay cozy all year long.

Economical and Reliable Climate Control

When it comes to home climate control, two of the most important factors for most people are efficiency and reliability. High-quality dual fuel systems are built to deliver both. By switching between two distinct heating sources, dual fuel HVAC systems can automatically utilize the most appropriate and efficient method. Since modern heat pumps are up to 50% more efficient than electric heating, that can mean big savings.

The combination of a heat pump and gas furnace also offers excellent reliability. Since the two components each cover some of the heating load, they also experience less wear and tear individually. Provided they’re properly serviced, these systems should be able to deliver many years of dependable comfort.

If you’re looking for a simple, economical climate control solution, a dual fuel system may be the perfect investment. To learn more, call Infinity Heating and Cooling today and explore our high-quality home heating services.

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