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When winter weather brings a chill to your Henderson, NV home, there’s nothing quite like the heat of a furnace. Furnaces deliver the heating power to warm your home in a hurry, but generating so much heat takes a toll. Annual furnace maintenance visits help to ease that burden, offering several essential benefits.

Health and Safety

A furnace is typically a perfectly safe way to heat your home. However, that can change quickly if your equipment isn’t inspected and serviced on a regular schedule. Heaters that have been neglected may experience combustion problems, potentially generating harmful byproducts that can compromise your indoor air quality. Clogged filters and dirty ductwork can also contribute to air quality issues. Of even greater concern is a cracked heat exchanger. A damaged heat exchanger may allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home, which is an extremely dangerous situation.

Energy Conservation

Wasting energy on home heating and cooling is bad for everyone. It negatively impacts the environment, drives up your utility costs, and ultimately makes your home less comfortable. Unfortunately, your furnace may be far more wasteful than you realize if it hasn’t been serviced in a while. Dirty air filters, faulty burners, unnoticed air leaks, and other problems can quickly sap your system’s rated efficiency. Even if your furnace seems to be performing well, an annual maintenance visit can still result in energy savings.

Long-Term Reliability

Calling for professional furnace repairs should be a rare event in your home. With proper furnace maintenance, your system should be equipped to deliver effective, problem-free heating all winter long. Scheduling annual service visits is also the best way to extend the lifespan of your equipment. If your system is starting to age, continuing to schedule yearly tune-ups may help you delay replacement for a few more years.

It doesn’t take much to keep your furnace well-maintained. However, the benefits of doing so are tremendous. If your system could use some professional attention, call 702-291-2000 for reliable HVAC maintenance services from the expert heating contractors at Infinity Heating and Cooling.

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