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Commercial ice machines crank hundreds of pounds of ice daily for patrons at your Henderson, NV bar, restaurant, hotel, or retail outlet. However, these workhorses require regular maintenance for optimal performance.

Maintenance Recommendations for Commercial Ice Machines

Routine maintenance can prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your commercial ice machine. Regardless of the make and model, always review the user manual and work with a qualified service technician. Here are a few maintenance recommendations for keeping your commercial ice machine in tip-top shape.

  • Clean the exterior with a nonabrasive cleaner weekly
  • Make sure that the system has adequate ventilation
  • Replace the water and air filters every six months
  • Descale and sanitize the ice maker quarterly
  • Have the system serviced twice a year
  • Seek out assistance if you don’t know what else to do

Water and Air Filters for Commercial Ice Machines

High-flow water filters eliminate sediments and maintain optimal water quality, but they should be replaced every six months. Your commercial refrigeration service technician can also adjust the purge valve settings to protect the system from limescale.

For air-cooled ice machines, replace the air filter twice a year to prevent extended freeze times and potential overheating. Surface-mounted filter panels are easy to replace during a semiannual maintenance visit.

Cleaning, Descaling and Routine Maintenance

Ice machines are subject to food safety regulations, so it’s critical for your business to meet these standards. In general, it’s essential to sanitize your system every three to six months. We use specially formulated descalers to clean the internal components. We’ll also complete the following maintenance tasks.

  • Cleaning the condenser coils to ensure optimal airflow
  • Testing the inlet valves to prevent leaks and ensure proper filling
  • Checking the electrical current for the fan, motor, and controls
  • Measuring the refrigerant pressure and cooling output
  • Descaling the water level and ice thickness sensors
  • Cleaning the spillway to prevent cycling malfunctions

For help extending the life of your commercial ice machine, call Infinity Heating and Cooling. You can find more information about our ice maker installation and repair services online or by giving us a call.

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