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Installing a new air conditioner is an excellent way to upgrade your home in Las Vegas, NV. New HVAC equipment can help you enjoy increased comfort, reliability, and more manageable energy bills. For best results, follow these tips to prepare your home before the installers arrive.

Checking Your Ductwork

One of the first tasks your AC installation team will complete is connecting the new system to your current ductwork. For optimal performance and improved indoor air quality, make sure that your ductwork is clean and in good condition. Infinity Heating and Cooling can inspect your ducts for the following problems:

  • Loose or disconnected sections
  • Crushed or damaged ducts
  • Undersized trunk or branch lines

Outdoor Prep for Your AC Install

AC compressors and packaged systems are typically 3 to 4 feet wide and can weigh over 200 pounds. To simplify the process, make sure that your installers have room to maneuver the system after delivery. If you have bushes or fencing around the unit, the area should still be accessible. Don’t forget to unlock any gates or provide codes to ensure your installers can access your property.

Indoor Prep for Your AC Install

To help your HVAC company out even more, double-check that the thermostat, air return, and electrical panel are easily accessible. If necessary, move furniture and decor, so the service technicians have plenty of space to work. For safety and convenience, have a plan to keep children and pets away from the work area.

If you have a mini-split HVAC system, move any items stored near the indoor unit (and outdoor unit), and make sure that your installers have room to remove the old equipment.

Prepping your home before the installers arrive ensures a smooth, seamless transition. For more information about AC maintenance or new AC installations, call Infinity Heating and Cooling today.

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