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As your air conditioner ages, you may find that it is necessary to replace certain parts of the system to keep it running efficiently. When shopping for air conditioning products in Boulder, NV, you may focus on affordability or brand name. If your AC needs a new indoor or outdoor coil, it is important to be aware that matching the new coil to the existing one is essential.

The Role of Indoor and Outdoor Coils

The indoor coil of your air conditioner is the evaporator coil. The AC indoor coil is essential to the heat exchange process that makes your AC unit work. This coil holds refrigerant and helps to remove both heat and humidity from the air inside of your home.

The outdoor coil is the condensing coil. After your indoor coil absorbs heat and humidity from the air, the heat is stored in the refrigerant located in the coil. The coil moves this refrigerant to the outdoor coil. When the condensing unit receives the refrigerant, the heat is released. This exchange happens outdoors to ensure that hot air is removed from your home to complete the cooling process.

The Importance of Matching Indoor and Outdoor Coils

The Department of Energy explains that the condensing unit is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the indoor coil. Because these parts are designed to work together, failing to match the coils exactly could cause damage to your system. When you’re looking for replacement coils be sure to examine the existing coils to ensure an exact match. If there is any doubt about what type of products you should get, it is best to consult with a professional to prevent costly mistakes.

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