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Low HVAC airflow in your Las Vegas, NV home can have a big impact on your comfort. Inadequate airflow can also contribute to substantial increases in your heating and cooling costs. Here are four issues that could be restricting HVAC airflow in your home.

Clogged Air Filter

The number one cause of low HVAC airflow is a clogged air filter. Energy Star recommends checking the air filter monthly. To make it easier to remember, set a reminder on your phone. Replace the filter as soon as it’s visibly dirty. Make sure not to wait more than one to three months between air filter changes, especially during heavy-use months.

Buildup on Heat Exchanger or Coils

Grungy buildup on the heat exchanger reduces HVAC airflow from your furnace in the winter. Dust or grime buildup on a heat pump’s evaporator or condenser coils also causes low airflow. With dirty coils, your heat pump will be overworked. This could cause its motor to overheat. Our routine heating and AC maintenance visits include cleaning these crucial parts.

Blower Malfunction

A blower malfunction could restrict HVAC airflow. Dusty or dirty blades are one possible reason for a blower malfunction. The blower could also have a failing motor, which requires professional repair.

Leaky or Blocked Ducts

Leaky air ducts could cause some of the heated or cooled air from your HVAC system to escape into unoccupied areas of your home. This means less of the air reaches your living spaces, so you may barely feel a trickle of air coming from the vents. An obstruction in a duct can also cause this. Bird or rodent debris, dust accumulation, or a child’s toy may have gotten into the ducts. It’s best to have qualified technicians look for duct damage, leaks, and obstructions.

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