The Possibilities Are Endless

For Las Vegas homeowners, a high-quality air conditioning system is practically a basic necessity. With triple-digit heat being a common occurrence, you need a cooling system that’s up to the task. An HVAC system equipped with a variable-speed air handler is a stellar choice, delivering outstanding performance that’s tough to top.

Unrivaled Comfort

Traditional HVAC systems only have one speed. They cool your home quickly by producing large volumes of cold air in short, frequent bursts. This creates sharp and sometimes unpleasant temperature fluctuations, making it difficult to maintain consistent conditions. Variable-speed air handlers solve that problem by allowing your system to adjust the amount of conditioned air it produces. By running for longer periods of time at lower speeds, these advanced HVAC products create delightfully consistent comfort.

Clean and Healthy Air

In addition to improved consistency, operating over longer periods gives variable-speed air handlers another advantage as well. More continuous circulation of air means more air passes through your air filter. That translates to better indoor air quality and a healthier home environment. This is especially important in an area known for its poor air quality and particle pollution.

Real Energy Savings

You might think that having your HVAC system running more often would be more costly. In fact, variable-speed air handlers actually reduce operating costs in most cases. This is because they’re able to use only the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable conditions. They also cycle less frequently, reducing the amount of energy consumed by frequent starting. There’s another benefit, too. Since cycling can be hard on your HVAC equipment, reducing the number of cycles can significantly reduce wear and tear. That means less maintenance, fewer repair calls and a longer expected service life.

When it comes to beating the Sin City heat, it’s worth considering advanced HVAC products equipped with variable-speed air handlers. To learn more, call Infinity Heating and Cooling or check out our professional air conditioning installation services.

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