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When temperatures take a tumble in Las Vegas, NV, a well-functioning heating system is essential for indoor comfort. If you’re unsure if your furnace is running as it should, follow your nose! Unusual, foul, or funky odors can indicate there’s something wrong with the system that could compromise your family’s comfort and safety.

Dusty or Musty Smells

Furnaces sit idle during the long, hot summer, gathering dust and other contaminants. It’s not unusual for the system to emit an unpleasant odor when you first turn it on. A proactive tune-up from a qualified HVAC service technician is the best way to avoid musty furnace odors. The cleaning and assessment performed during maintenance will help keep your furnace operating odor-free.

Rotten Egg Odors

If you own a gas furnace, take action immediately if you notice something in the air that smells like rotten eggs. This distinctive odor is infused into natural gas to warn people when dangerous leaks occur.

Don’t try to identify the source of the problem on your own. Notify the fire department to assess the situation. If it’s determined a fault in the furnace is to blame, call us at once. Our on-call technicians will ensure you receive fast and efficient emergency service.

Combustion By-Products

Fuel-burning furnaces work by burning gas or oil in a combustion chamber, removing by-products produced during the process, and venting them outdoors. Blocked, damaged, or leaking exhaust systems can expose you to dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, which has no odor at all. Experts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agree that ensuring your furnace receives annual maintenance is the best way to protect your health and safety.

Funky furnace odors are more than unpleasant; they indicate your system needs help asap! Whether you need maintenance or a furnace repair, trust Infinity Heating and Cooling to help you stay comfortable and safe all year long, especially during the chillier months. For more information, call us today!

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