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Strange noises coming from your Las Vegas, NV, air conditioner are more than annoying. They could signal a mechanical problem that could affect your AC’s efficiency and performance. Here are some reasons why your AC might make weird sounds.

Broken Blower or Motor Assembly

Have you noticed your air conditioner rattles when it runs? It’s possible that something has come loose from the blower or motor assembly in the outdoor condenser unit. Fortunately, as concerning as the sound is, fixing a loose part is a relatively easy process. Call an HVAC professional to inspect the outdoor unit to determine if any components have become disconnected or loosened.

High Internal Pressure

High-pitched squealing sounds coming from your cooling system often indicate high internal pressure in the compressor. Your AC should turn off if the internal pressure gets too high. However, if the sensors that detect this problem have failed, the system will continue to run, and the noise will persist. Whenever you hear high-pitched squealing, turn the AC off and call to schedule repairs.

Electrical Issues

Noises like vibrations, buzzing, or popping from your air conditioner often indicate an electrical issue. Electrical issues are serious and shouldn’t be ignored. Other reasons for these noises include circuit breaker issues, a damaged fan motor, or loose wiring. Never try to troubleshoot these issues yourself. Handling electricity is dangerous. These jobs are best left to trained professionals.

It’s never a good idea to ignore strange AC sounds. You might think it’s nothing (and it might be), but it’s always best to let professionals handle it. Trying to troubleshoot and repair AC problems without the proper training and skills can make the situation worse. So, whether it’s popping, squealing, rattling, or some other noise you’re hearing, get in touch with a professional to determine the underlying cause. Reach out to Infinity Heating and Cooling to learn more about our air conditioning repairs and maintenance services.

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