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When temperatures approach the chilly category in Henderson, NV, furnaces provide the kind of whole-home comfort that families love. As a key component of system maintenance, an annual cleaning ensures your furnace operates safely and efficiently. Learn why it’s more than worthwhile to schedule service now — before Jack Frost comes nipping at your toes.

Health and Safety Concerns

Gas-powered furnaces heat your home by burning fuel in a combustion chamber. Without regular maintenance, the excess contaminants generated during the process can cause critical components to deteriorate. Erosion can allow dangerous gases, including deadly carbon monoxide, to backdraft into your home’s living spaces. Corroded parts also pose fire hazards. An annual cleaning helps keep everyone in your family safe from danger.

Optimizes Energy Efficiency

From dirty air filters to corroded parts and undetected air leaks, faulty components force your furnace to work harder to keep everyone comfortable. Keeping the equipment clean allows the system to function at peak efficiency, so you pay less for heating expenses. In addition to energy savings, proactive maintenance also safeguards your wallet against unexpected repairs and breakdowns.

Extend the Service Life of Your System

Lack of maintenance increases the chances your system will falter or fail when you most need it. The top two causes of heating system failures are dirt and neglect. You can avoid the cost and inconvenience of a premature replacement by ensuring your furnace gets a professional cleaning and checkup each year.

When temperatures take a dive, a well-functioning furnace keeps you and your family safe, snug, and warm. With professional maintenance performed by the experts at Infinity Heating and Cooling, you can rest easy knowing your furnace will operate safely and efficiently whenever you need it. Don’t wait for Old Man Winter to come knocking! Secure your comfort with a quick call to our team today.

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