The Possibilities Are Endless

Customized comfort — that’s what you get when you invest in a home zoning system. By allowing for different temperatures in designated areas, home zoning ensures you always enjoy an ideal indoor environment. It can save you a bundle of money too. Our ultra-efficient ductless systems optimize your comfort and let you spend less on energy bills every month of the year in Boulder, NV.

Get in the Zone with Ductless HVAC

Quiet, versatile and highly efficient, ductless heat pumps are the most popular type of home zoning. Depending on the model you choose, ductless systems can reduce cooling costs by 30 percent and cut household heating costs in half. It’s their innovative design that makes them so energy efficient. Individual air handlers connect to a single outdoor unit that houses the bulk of the HVAC equipment.

  • Instead of energy-wasting ducts, ductless systems deliver conditioned air directly into separate living areas.
  • Each air handler operates independently, so energy isn’t wasted heating or cooling unused living spaces.
  • Remote controls and smartphone apps make it easy to fine-tune settings for maximum energy savings.

Additional Benefits of Home Zoning

There’s no question that quality HVAC upgrades like home zoning save you money. A ductless installation from Infinity Heating and Cooling offers a host of additional benefits too. With no ductwork to install, out ductless systems go in quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about damage to your property or disruptions to your busy schedule. The absence of ducts also gives you better control over your home’s indoor air quality. Best of all, home zoning secures your comfort, ensuring that you enjoy the ideal temperature no matter the weather outside.

An appealing alternative to central air, home zoning is an investment in comfort that pays generous dividends. To learn more about the many benefits of ductless heat pumps, call the experts at Infinity Heating and Cooling today.

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