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Heat pumps heat and cool as a single unit, an advantage over maintaining separate heating and cooling systems. They are energy-efficient and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Variable-speed heat pumps save even more energy without loss of comfort, important in the hot climate of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Heat Pump Basics

Heat pumps use the principles of refrigeration for both heating and cooling by transferring heat from one place to another. When the weather is hot, heat pumps extract heat from inside and expel it outside. Flipping a switch reverses the direction of the refrigerant. Even during cool winter months, the refrigerant can absorb latent heat energy from the outdoors and release it inside.

Variable-Speed Technology

Standard HVAC systems are either on or off. After reaching the set temperature, the unit powers down. When indoor temperatures change enough to register on the thermostat, the unit comes back on. The result is blasts of cool air blown into the living space. In contrast, variable-speed heat pumps operate at up to several hundred levels of power in response to temperature. During cooler hours of the day, they operate at lower speeds. When temperatures rise, they power up to meet demand. Variable-speed heat pumps run longer, resulting in almost no temperature fluctuations and better control of humidity.

Although variable-speed technology costs more upfront, it can dramatically reduce energy consumption and save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Models with higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios save more. The higher the SEER, the better the efficiency.

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